Todd H.

"Doctor Robert Ondash is a outstanding Physician. He always sees me at or before my appointment. If you have a urgent problem he will see you the day when you call or the next day.(within 12 to 24 hours or even earlier)He does not overbook his patients and will talk with you as long as it takes. Which is wonderful!! He's that type of Doctor that actually cares.. His medical assistant also does a outstanding job. Both Doctor Ondash and his assistant are very observant.Again his medical assistant noticed before weighing me that I had lost a significant amount of weight. Doctor Ondash is very up to date on how to treat his patients and he will send you to a specialist that takes care of your problem or problems within your 1st,2nd or 3rd visit. I have lost over 20 pounds within the last three or four months!! I believe he is accepting new patients at this time.. The only problem that I have is that I only basically have Medicare. My part D drug coverage for my Medicare is Humana.. My Humana drug coverage puts both of us through unreasonable red tape. At this time, I am looking at other part D plans to enroll in. Then I think I will be able to reduce the amount of prescriptions that I get monthly or be able to stop taking some of my medications completely. Unfortunately most Doctors today only prescribe patients medications to treat their symptoms. Rather than cure the disease.. Doctor Ondash's goal is to cure rather than treat the patients problems. Again I conclude that I am taking less medications or in the process of reducing medications due to Doctor Ondash's vast knowledge as a Physician.. Most insurance carriers want the public to be dependent on medications so they make better profits.. DR. Ondash has a complete opposite approach. Additionally I believe in a holistic approach for my problems. Doctor Ondash will work with me on how I want to be treated. The vast majority of doctors do not want to do that. His office number is (512)306-8360. So give him a shot if you actually want to have the best up-to-date standard of care."

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