Krista J.

"I had a vertebra out of place for two very long and painful weeks and despite seeing several physical therapists and a massage therapist I could not get it back into alignment. Finally I saw Dr Mc Kinley (my first time) and in 10 minutes he had my neck fixed as well as my shoulder and my pelvis. I really appreciated how gentle he was with the adjustments. There was no jerking or loud cracking (whichever I’ve had done to me in the past). He also listened to me when I told him what I thought was the problem (a lot of doctors in my experience think patients don’t know anything). He also saw me right on time and his staff was friendly and helpful. The whole experience was fantastic— he even took my insurance! Next time I won’t wait 2 weeks if something in my spine is out of whack. I will absolutely go back to Dr Mc Kinley and I recommend him to anyone who needs an adjustment."
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